Wedding Favors for under a Dollar

Most people don't know how to plan a wedding. Either they've never been married before, were last wed back when big, poofy sleeves were cool, or they just can't sort through the slew of choices a modern wedding presents. In comes Pinterest.

I have a love-hate relationship with Pinterest. So far, it has helped me organize the wedding goodies I like and find new ones I may want to use. However, I get frustrated with the lousy ideas I see on there over and over again.

Pinterest Post on Cheap Wedding Favors

At this point, I've probably seen at least a dozen posts like the one above. Oh, Mylanta—you won't believe that generic tubes of lip balm and packets of bird seed cost less than a dollar! Yes, actually, I will because I've been to a store once or twice in my lifetime.

These items all cost less than a dollar (and some of them may not, depending on where you live) because no one wants most of them. At least I don't want to go to a wedding and have to decide if I a) "forget" to bring my mason jar home or b) take it with me and then try to figure out if I'm allowed to throw it away or not.

Listen, if you want to save some money on your wedding just skip the favors instead of stressing out over finding magenta gum balls for you candy buffet. You are (I hope) treating your guests to a beautiful party—they don't need a cheap trinket to prove they are wanted and appreciated.

Or buy favors if they really make you happy. Just don't feel you have to find the cheapest thing possible just to satisfy some imagined requirement.

Also, sugar is on this list. Who wrote this—Roland from The Dark Tower series?