Under that Wedding Spell

One of my favorite things about wedding planning is reading wedding forums. What I enjoy is not the sage advice of other brides; it's the drama and and general trainwreck vibe found in so many posts.

While reading these forums, I have noticed that when one is stressed about putting on a big wedding, spelling tends to fall by the wayside. I get it: who can be bothered with such trivial matters when Future Mother-in-Law is insisting on wearing a white mini dress to the reception? Still, proper spelling enhances understanding, so it could help garner the proper advice for this week's nuptial headache. In that spirit, I share with you some common mistakes I have seen in my digital travels.

  • Traditionally, a bride walks down the aisle toward her groom, not the isle. If you do plan to traverse a small island to meet your mate, more power to you!

  • The white garment a bride wears on her head is called a veil, not a vail. Remember, you are letting yourself sink if you call it a vail.

  • A male who is engaged to be married is a fiancĂ©, not a fiancĂ©e. Here in the US, many people just use the masculine version to describe both engaged men and women, so there's really no need to accidentally feminize a betrothed male.

  • Lastly (and this is more of a person pet peeve than a spelling error), the acronym BM is commonly used to refer to bowel movements, and STD is typically used as shorthand for sexually transmitted diseases. So, be careful when and where you decide to abbreviate the terms bridesmaids and "Save the Dates". Imagine Grandma's horror when you text her asking if she received her STD yet!

Hey, I know the grammar police aren't welcome when there's a wedding emergency to defuse. And we all make mistakes. This post is all in good fun. The most important thing is marrying the love of your life, or, failing that, someone whose health insurance coverage is superior to yours. Happy planning!