Thirty-Three Years Young

It's my birthday! It comes at an awkward time of year: most everyone is ready to be done with the holiday fuss, so a January 4th birthday tends to get pushed to the wayside. This particular birthday also comes after a surreal weekend. I woke up sick on Friday, found out shortly after that my maternal grandmother had died, celebrated my nephew's birthday and the new year on Saturday, then found my fiancé sick Sunday night into Monday.

However, I finally got a couple days of PTO (paid time off for you fancy workers with "vacation time") approved, and I am feeling happy. The other half and I plan to go to one of our favorite restaurants, Firebox, for dinner tonight to celebrate.

Turning another year older at the start of a new year seems like a great time to make all sorts of promises and resolutions. I feel like I should be listing my deepest hopes for the next 365 days. Truly, I am just focusing on feeling content right now. I don't want to set out huge, nebulous goals that are destined for failure. When I am ready to accomplish something, I will do it.

Here's to another turn around the planet. May we all find contentment on this day and as many that follow.