Amazon Box

Amazon Offers Discounted Prime Memberships for Customers on Government Assistance

Amazon Box

My fiancé and I have been using Amazon Prime for years now. I don't want to say it's a godsend, but it sure is convenient as hell, especially for someone who can't easily get to a store. The two-day shipping has saved my rear numerous times with last-minute gifts, school supplies, and household essentials.

Now Amazon is cutting the cost of guaranteed rear-saving for people on government assistance. If you have a valid EBT card, you are eligible to get

- Amazon Offers Discounted Prime Memberships for Customers on Government Assistance

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Say Yes to the Dress: My Kleinfeld Experience

If you’re a woman with a love of fashion and a lackluster social life, you’ve probably sat at home alone on a Friday or Saturday night watching Say Yes to the Dress. For those too cool to watch, the show follows brides as they shop for their dream wedding gowns at Kleinfeld Bridal in New York City.

I started watching the show back when it started in 2007, when I had no boyfriend, no hint of marriage anywhere

- Say Yes to the Dress: My Kleinfeld Experience

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Curve Couture

Last week was rough, but I'm back with another Wedding Wednesday! I know all of my readers (Hi, Mom, Dad, and Janet!) are enthused.

I had posted before about how chubby broads can feel invisible to the bridal industrial complex. So, I was thrilled to see that Anne Barge is now offering trunk shows with larger sample sizes!

Called Curve Couture, these trunk shows will feature samples in sizes 12-20. Typical bridal trunk shows offer sizes 4-8. Finally the pleasantly

- Curve Couture

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Chubby Broads Get Married, Too

Various forms of media have, for decades, tried to convince us that love is for the attractive and thin, but we “normals” know the truth. Every so often chubby women do get proposed to, and sometimes the man on his knee is larger, too. And, yes, sometimes the one getting proposed to is not a woman, or the one proposing is not a man, but I digress…

On a good day, I consider myself “thick”; on a bad day, I’

- Chubby Broads Get Married, Too

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The "Non-Traditional" Traditional Bride

I got engaged about six months ago (exactly six months as of yesterday, but who's counting?). Our wedding is still eighteen months away, so we're still in the stage where planning feels fun and not panic-attack-inducing.

Our wedding will be traditional in the sense that there will be a ceremony followed by a big party with music, dancing, dinner and—of course—cake. However, we will also be forgoing certain elements because we are a) feminists and b)

- The "Non-Traditional" Traditional Bride

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