National Chocolate Chip Cookie Day '17

Every day is a "holiday" when you have access to social media. Who can complain about celebrating chocolate chip cookies, though?

If you've been reading my blog, then you already have some cookie recommendations (although you can't celebrate with Bake Sale until Thursday). However, I will give you one more on this auspicious occasion.

Unless you've been living under a cookie-less rock, you've probably heard of Cookie D? NYC, a purveyor of cookie dough confections. The other half and I

- National Chocolate Chip Cookie Day '17

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Salt of the Earth Bakery: The Cookie

I know, I know... why more cookies? Well, this is my life now. Deal with it.

I never enjoyed store-bought chocolate chip cookies much. My mom only made one kind of cookies when I was a kid—Toll House chocolate chip cookies—, but she made those really well. How was I supposed to eat Chips Ahoy after that?

Have you ever tried to make those cookies, though? It's a pain in the ass. Measure out all your ingredients,

- Salt of the Earth Bakery: The Cookie

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At My Bake Sale, Yeah!

I've been living in Brooklyn for a month now. So far one of the nicest things that has happened to me, and possibly the nicest thing that will ever happen while I live here, was the day that our friend, Paul, sent us a surprise cookie delivery.

That night my other half, Robert, was trying to order dinner from Postmates when his account got locked. Maybe an hour later, after we'd ordered food through another service, Rob got a text

- At My Bake Sale, Yeah!

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