So This is a Thing: Camo Wedding Gowns

Remember when camouflage had a minute in I want to say the early 2000s?

I saw Cady Heron wearing army pants and flip flops.

For some people it was never a trend: it was a lifestyle. And some of those people are, in my opinion, clinging to that lifestyle way too persistently.

These die-hard camo lovers have brought us the abomination of the camo wedding gown:

Camouflage Wedding Gown

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Oh, good gravy—she's even got camo trim on her veil.

Rustic-style weddings are definitely not my thing, but I can accept them. However, dresses like this push a wedding from "rustic" to "costume party". Can you imagine showing the youngsters pictures of you or your bride in a camo wedding dress forty years from now?

Tell me, Blind Lady followers: am I just being judgmental? Would you wear this? Would you support a bride-to-be in purchasing such a frock?