Salt of the Earth Bakery: The Cookie

I know, I know... why more cookies? Well, this is my life now. Deal with it.

I never enjoyed store-bought chocolate chip cookies much. My mom only made one kind of cookies when I was a kid—Toll House chocolate chip cookies—, but she made those really well. How was I supposed to eat Chips Ahoy after that?

Have you ever tried to make those cookies, though? It's a pain in the ass. Measure out all your ingredients, cream this, fold that... who am I, Martha Stewart? Now I feel bad for being disappointed with my mom the times when she'd just bake the dough in a 13" by 9" pan instead of scooping out individual cookies.

Cut to adulthood: we just tried FreshDirect for grocery delivery. Robert (aka my other half) filled the cart, and he has a knack for finding exotic snacks and baked goods. One such treat was Salt of the Earth Bakery's The Cookie.

At the time I'm writing this, FreshDirect sells a box of four of these cookies for $4.99. You're probably thinking, "What a rip-off! I can buy a hundred-thousand Chips Ahoy for $4.99!" No. No. NO. Get out of here. Take your Chips Ahoy, and burn them. Don't even donate them to a food pantry because hungry people deserve better.

This may possibly be "The" cookie. Described as "a sweet and salty masterpiece of buttery cookie, chocolate, and Maldon Sea Salt," The Cookie is a circle of delight. The base is like that of your standard chocolate chip cookie: rich and, as promised, buttery. Instead using chocolate chips, they kind of layer the chocolate within the cookie. And what is Maldon sea salt? Why is it better than other sea salt? I have no idea, but it pushes this cookie from good to awesome.

The Cookie

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I was so impressed with these cookies that I checked out the Salt of the Earth website right away. Their baked goods may be what everyone I know is getting for the next seven gift-giving holidays. Because I'm lazy. But also because the cookies are dope.

Check 'em out if you don't like fitting into your clothes.