Processed Food Reviews: Oreo Churros

Oreo churros—the idea evokes a state of dessert bliss. Oreos are delicious. Churros are delicious. Surely when combined these two foods must create a sweet symphony of flavor. How could such a concoction live up to its promises?

To cut to the chase, it can't.

Oreo Churros

When I was sick this past Friday, I sent my beloved to the store for popsicles and saltines. Being the culinary explorer that he is, he also purchased a package of Oreo churros. I wasn't even sure what they were: I thought they were some kind of ice cream treat. Upon perusing the box, I learned that they should be heated in an oven or toaster oven.

During a week of celebrations punctuated by illness, we had little time to sample these Oreo churros. Finally, last night we decided to enjoy them while watching Beauty and the Beast.

I placed these snacks in the oven at 450 degrees Fahrenheit for eight minutes. I then "rolled" them in the Oreo crumb topping per package instructions. The topping did not adhere as I had hoped, so I ended up kind of sprinkling the rest of on top of the churros. Oh, well.

The end result was declared just "OK" by both my significant other and me. These churros did not deliver the rich, signature flavor of Oreo cookies. The outer shell was bland, the cream filling was blah, and that crumb topping didn't help the whole situation. I was almost embarrassed to eat such a lackluster dessert in front of Beauty and the Beast. I hope that Belle didn't judge me.

To conclude, I would not purchase Oreo churros again. I would rather eat one of the many delightful seasonal cookies that Oreo offers. At least I don't have to preheat my oven to enjoy those.