Processed Food Reviews: Halo Top Ice Cream

I eat a lot. When I go out to eat, servers frequently say, "Good job!" or (sarcastically) "Wow, you didn't like that at all," at the end of a the meal. As many of you know, it can be tough to eat a lot and not require a new wardrobe every other month. So I try to get the most bang for my calorie buck as I can.

My other half is a bad food influence, and he convinces me to eat dessert many nights of the week. However, he doesn't want to have to buy new pants, either, so he, too, is always in search of low-calorie treats that don't taste horrible.

While plunging the depths of the online weight loss brain trust, I discovered two very low calorie ice creams: Arctic Zero and Halo Top. When I searched for these in what I call the hippy foods section of Stop and Shop, I initially found only Arctic Zero. I won't dwell on it, but Arctic Zero sucks. It has almost no flavor.

The Flanders Family enjoys nonfat ice milk.

On a subsequent visit to the store, I thought maybe I'd find a non-terrible flavor of Arctic Zero, but instead I found Halo Top ice cream.

Halo Top Ice Cream

Yes, that is correct: 280 calories for the whole pint. That's about the same amount as one serving of Ben and Jerry's ice cream, and there are four servings in a pint. And who eats a measly half-cup serving?

OK, Halo Top is not as good as Ben and Jerry's (Man, I wish the calorie counts were the same). But it is pretty darn good for low calorie ice cream. While Halo Top does not have the creamy feel of premium ice cream, it has much better flavor than Arctic Zero. The chocolate flavor had a rich cocoa taste. I found it more sophisticated that some of the cheap, full-fat ice creams you can buy, like Hood.

My favorite flavor so far is probably birthday cake. This is not one of the higher-calorie (like peanut butter cup) flavors, yet it feels a bit creamier and richer than some others, and the flavor profile is right on. In contrast, the cookies and cream flavor has very little cookie (which I can understand given the calorie count) and an odd, artificial taste to the "cream" component. Look, I know low-calorie ice cream is like a science experiment of artificial crap, but it shouldn't have to taste that way.

I recommend Halo Top for anyone who wants to eat ice cream regularly without busting the caloric bank. We have a few pints in the freezer right now thanks to the great selection from Amazon Fresh.

Have you tried Halo Top, Arctic Zero, or any other noteworthy low-calorie ice cream treats?