Processed Food Reviews: Birds Eye Steamfresh Buffalo Cauliflower

In case you missed it, last month I reviewed Birds Eye's ranch broccoli. That review contains some general information about the Steamfesh line. so this post will be a bit shorter.

Cauliflower is having a bit of a moment lately. I have seen recipes for everything from cauliflower rice to cauliflower pizza. Buffalo cauliflower appears to be one of the most popular of the cauli creations. I briefly considered preparing such a recipe, but then I imagined the hellfire that would rise in my beloved's eyes if I tried to feed him cauliflower masquerading as a popular, deep-fried party food.

Birds Eye's buffalo cauliflower does not pretend to be a tasty, caloric chicken wing. It is simply cauliflower with buffalo wing flavoring. It tastes like it has been coated with the essence of a mediocre-yet-passable buffalo sauce: definitely not Frank's Red Hot, but not why-did-I-buy-this-at-Price-Rite-even-for-only-eighty-nine-cents buffalo sauce.

You would think you could achieve the same result by just tossing your cauliflower with a mediocre sauce, but the consistency of this product not very moist. The flavor melds with the vegetable more than it would with a basic sauce application. I was pleased that the cauliflower was less watery and soggy than the broccoli. It made a suitable side dish for my Perdue chicken tenders as I watched Wayne's World for the first time.

If you seek a lazy-yet-exotic vegetable side dish in your freezer aisle, I would recommend Birds Eye Steamfresh buffalo cauliflower over the ranch broccoli. But really I would recommend eating normal food that you lovingly prepare yourself.