National Chocolate Chip Cookie Day '17

Every day is a "holiday" when you have access to social media. Who can complain about celebrating chocolate chip cookies, though?

If you've been reading my blog, then you already have some cookie recommendations (although you can't celebrate with Bake Sale until Thursday). However, I will give you one more on this auspicious occasion.

Unless you've been living under a cookie-less rock, you've probably heard of Cookie D? NYC, a purveyor of cookie dough confections. The other half and I visited this store over the weekend to try their safe-to-eat cookie dough. After hearing somewhat mixed reviews, we found the dough tasty and satisfying, though not amazing.

Here's the real secret: while everyone is in line for that sweet, sweet dough, don't sleep on the baked goods by the register. We ended up waiting a while for our order to come out, and as an apology we received three free cookies, including two chocolate chips.

We both agreed that those baked goods could have their own store. I don't normally gush about chocolate chip cookies (although you'd never know it from reading this blog), but these were just to my liking: soft in the middle, a little chewy, and with good flavor.

So if you find yourself at D? dreading the wait, just grab a cookie and be on your way. And don't forget to push and shove your way out of the store in true impatient, touristy fashion.