Marvelous Mugs

Hello, and welcome to another Wedding Wednesday, a feature beloved by all of my readers, most of whom do not care about weddings and have no plans to tie the knot anytime soon.

I wrote a few weeks ago about all the cute bridal junk that assumes we ladies plan to go by "Mrs." once we're hitched. While I'm still waiting for a Minnie Mouse mug or Kate Spade robe that says "Ms.", I am happy to point out any items that buck the patriarchy (as much as the wedding complex will ever buck the patriarchy).

My first pick is this adorable mug (which my fiancé says I cannot buy because we already have too many mugs).

I'm Getting Meowied Mug Pawsome Couture

Perfect for the betrothed cat-lover, this mug simply says you are getting married—or, actually, meowied. It makes no assumptions about your gender or what title you will be using post-nuptials. Soon some of our older mugs will disappear, and this will take their place in our cabinet.

I found my second pick while browsing the new arrivals at BHLDN, a hip shop for the modern bride who likes overpriced apparel with a boho aesthetic.

Blushing Bride Mug BHLDN

This mug comes closer to the look of the typical "Mrs." accessories, but without the offending title. While you may or may not be blushing on your wedding day, the alliteration is fun. A "dashing groom" version is also available.

What do you think—are either of these mugs for you? Would you rather have the traditional Mr. and Mrs. mugs, or do you just think all of these items are stupid?