It's National Siblings Day!

Oh, joy— another made-up holiday. Of course, all of the holidays were made up by someone: we're just bombarded by random, minor holidays now thanks to social media. Since I can, let me take a moment to acknowledge National Siblings Day.

An old photo of my brother, sister, and me

Our mom insisted that my brother, George, my sister, Janet, and I take this photo at the J.C. Penney portrait studio back in 1992. George was twenty-one, Janet was fourteen, and I was all of eight years old.

I imagine my siblings will be mortified that I used the particular photo, but I know we can all laugh at it because we're not just siblings; we're friends.

Many people do not consider their siblings to be friends, so I feel blessed to be able to say that I do. Despite our differences and disagreements, I know that my brother and sister will be vital parts of my life as long as we all live.

Janet, George, and me at Janet's Wedding

My brother-in-law, mother, siblings, and me at Janet's wedding

Thank you, Janet and George, for being my lifelong companions, even though none of us asked for this! I wish you and anyone else reading a fabulous National Siblings Day.