I'm Not Fat; I'm Getting in Shape!

Does anyone else remember South Park's Eric Cartman saying that many years ago?

Beefcake Eric Cartman

I may be a little leaner than Cartman, but the zippers on my pants are threatening to go on strike. And, with more bridal gown appointments looming on the horizon, I am getting pretty anxious about my super-size thighs. So, even though just yesterday I said I was not committing to any particular goals or resolutions, I decided to join a DietBet.

I have participated in a few DietBets in the past—I've even won a few! Players joining a DietBet pay a set amount to join a game (the one I just joined costs $35 to enter), and all of those entry fees go into a pot. At the end of the game, winners (meaning those who have reached their goal weight) split the pot. I find that joining a DietBet is more motivating than just setting a weight loss goal for myself. Dammit, I want my $35 back, and I will hustle to get it.

Click here to join Mama Laughlin's DietBet with me*! The goal is to lose 4% of your body weight in four weeks. The game starts on January 9th with weigh-ins beginning January 7th. If that seems drastic, consider one of their Transformer games where you'll need to lose 10% of your weight in six months. Or, failing all of that, feel free to quietly cheer me on as I attempt to better myself for the 100th time.

*Disclaimer: I have no idea who Mama Laughlin is: I simply thought her DietBet seemed like a good one to join. Also, I am not sponsored by DietBet, or anything at all.