Groundbreaking or Awkward?

At last television features a real-life, normal blind lady—sorry, Mama June doesn't count. I recently saw this Dove commercial where they give a blind woman... body wash? Finally everyone will know that blind people bathe, too. Or at least we fondle handfuls of soap while fully clothed.

I appreciate Dove featuring a blind woman in their campaign, but something feels off about this to me. On the one hand, she looks presentable, and her disability isn't necessarily being exploited in any way. But on the other hand... why? This ad doesn't show anything about what how the bodywash works or what it does. We're just seeing a blind lady touching some soap. And we're not really learning anything about blindness or this particular blind person, either. Uh, cool, Dove. Thanks for trying, I guess.

What do you think of this ad?