Get Your Doughnuts!

First, it's National Doughnut Day. Second, who else grew up writing "donut" because of Dunkin' Donuts?

Homer Simpson is

Guys, I'm just going to write "donut" for the rest of this post.

Anyway, I'm in a particularly donut-y mood this week after attending a wedding where a donut truck came by for dessert. I regret eating only one donut: I was too busy dancing and drinking beer.

Don't be like me. Don't shun an opportunity for free donuts. Check out all of the places where you can get a free donut today! OK, some of them make you buy a beverage, but you aren't so cheap that you won't shell out for an iced coffee, right?


Head out to your donut purveyor of choice and tell them the Coolest Blind Lady You Know sent you. It won't entitle you to anything: it will just be awkward and confusing. But do it, anyway.