Freedom '15

Today I am officially finished with my Interpersonal Communication course. I completed my work at around 11 p.m. last night, and I received my final grade this afternoon. Some of you may remember that when I registered for that class I was not paying enough attention: I thought it was one of the nine-week courses that begins in June, but in fact it began in May and only lasted six weeks. Fifteen chapters, three exams, three papers, and several discussion board posts later I am very relieved to be free from the drudgery of school work--at least for a couple of months.

Today also marks eight years that I have been at my job. Can you believe I have been answering phones for eight years? I certainly can't. At least I am now equipped with improved interpersonal communication skills that will enhance my phone game.

In light of these two facts I am so glad to have a three-day weekend ahead of me. I plan on seeing some amazing people and eating some great food. I hope everyone reading is able to do the same. If you are celebrating Independence Day, my advice is to use less alcohol and more sunscreen than you think you need.