Foodie Friday: The Dog and Burger Show

Greetings, and a festive #FoodieFriday to you all. This week, I had the pleasure of trying something I had been dreaming of for years.

Anyone who knows me well understands that I am mildly obsessed with classic sitcoms. To give you some evidence, a friend of mine immediately posted on my Facebook timeline when he learned that Alan Thicke died—and that friend doesn’t even like me very much!

Like most sitcom enthusiasts, I used to love watching re-runs of The Cosby Show. Lately, in light of the allegations against Mr. Cosby, I can’t bear to watch them anymore. I just never know if the episode I'm watching will end up being one where Cliff and Claire get intimate, and who could watch that now without feeling ill afterward?

However, I can still recall one aspect of The Cosby Show without wanting to wretch: the Bacon Burger Dog. See, despite the fact that he was a doctor, Cliff Huxtable loved junk food. When the Huxtables had cookouts, Cliff often offered to prepare a Bacon Burger Dog for his only son, Theo. A Bacon. Burger. Dog. Think about that—what the heck is it? Is it a hotdog with crumbled ground beef and bacon on top? Is it just ground beef and bacon served in a hotdog bun? Is it hotdogs sliced to fit into a hamburger bun and topped with bacon? Every time Cliff mentioned a Bacon Burger Dog, I tried to figure out how this flame-grilled concoction was constructed.

On Monday, December 12th, I got my answer at one of my favorite local burger joints, Goldburgers. The other half and I have been going to Goldburgers regularly for the past three years that we’ve lived in Newington. It’s a delightful fast-casual restaurant on Main Street. Yeah, they’ve got burgers, they’ve got hotdogs, they’ve got French fries, and they are all delicious. But, what’s more than that is the staff is super friendly and engaging, and the specials are truly creative. Wait, wasn’t I supposed to be talking about the Bacon Burger Dog? Yes, that was one of the awesome specials when I went with a friend for dinner.

Does it look good? Because it tasted good. The Bacon Burger Dog wasn't exotic. It wasn't fancy. As this Instagram post states, it consisted of a burger patty with a split, grilled hotdog, American cheese, and bacon. The burger was perfect as usual, the hotdog was exceptionally tasty, and you can never go wrong with bacon or American cheese on a burger. I can't even tell you what kind of bun that was, but it was a solid choice.

The onion rings I ordered on the side were just as delicious as this artery-clogging masterpiece. Goldburgers' onion rings are always fried properly: they have a crunch to them, and the onion doesn't slide out in that disappointing way that so many onion rings have failed me. The onion rings are also incredibly well-seasoned. I started to look around for some salt before remembering, no, Goldburgers has got me. I don't need to salt these crispy rings before shoving them in my mouth.

The only negative part of my meal was that the Bacon Burger Dog was a daily special; you can't get it on the regular menu. My fiancé and I are big wigs at the ol' Goldburgers, though. We once got them to name a hotdog special "The Poutiney Weenie." So go on in there, tell them you want a Bacon Burger Dog, and that they should name it after me! And get some onion rings. And a black cherry soda. And then go to the nearby Carvel afterward.

*Disclaimer: I'm just a blind lady who eats too much and writes about stuff. No one at Goldburgers or anywhere else is paying me to blog about anything—not yet, anyway.