Finally, A New Season of "Say Yes to the Dress"!

Since I got engaged, I have been obsessively watching wedding-related TV shows and movies. Now several months into my engagement and with more than a year to go, I find myself having to slow down or risk running out of material.

I quickly burned through all of Hulu's Say Yes to the Dress catalog. I then had to resort to "borrowing" my brother-in-law's cable log-in to use the TLC Go app. Finally, I ran out of episodes of the original SYTTD and was stuck watching the Atlanta spin-off. God, Lori is annoying.

But now we can all rejoice because Say Yes to the Dress is back for its fifteenth season! Can you believe it's been on for ten years now?

When I was shopping at Kleinfeld, my consultant told me to be sure to watch the new season because she'd be in it. Sure enough, I was rewarded right in that first episode.

Rachel the Consultant Image courtesy of TLC

Look at her! That's a face that says, "Girl, I'm going to help you find a dress, or you'll just need to call off your whole damn wedding."

At the risk of seeming like I'm full of it, Rachel is even cooler in person than she is on the show. I did not once want to strangle her even though she looked flawless while wearing high heels and hefting around fifty-pound (that's what they feel like, anyway) dresses.

Anyway, I really enjoyed watching the season premiere. Seeing Elle King shop for dresses was super fun, but unfortunately Rachel's client was kind of a dud. You'll have to watch the episode to see why.

Welcome back, Randy, Rachel, and the rest of the Kleinfeld gang!