Dive Into Lent

Greetings on this first Friday of the 2017 Lenten season. It's time for all of your fishy fast food favorites again: the Big Fish at Burger King, the Filet O' Fish at McDonalds, fried shrimp at Popeye's, and whatever the hell they serve at Long John Silver's.

While I keep track of all the offerings, I don't think I have ever tried a fast food fish dish. I've always wanted to sample one of those greasy, fried fish patties, but I can't convince myself that such cheap seafood won't terrorize my intestines.

I suppose, though, that if one is making a sacrifice in the name of religion, two Big Fish sandwiches for $5 is the way to go. A "squished fish patty on a bun" (as Popeye's so cleverly dubbed their competitors' menu standard Lenten dishes last year) seems more prudent than a decadent lobster dinner.

Not being a religious gal, I will probably enjoy a chicken-fried bacon double cheeseburger for dinner this evening. Well, soemthing like that, anyway.

May you enjoy whatever is on your table tonight—to the extent that your religion allows you to, of course. And let me know if I am missing anything by avoiding all of that squished fish.