Comic Book Flowers: Yea or Nay?

Everyone knows the Blind Lady loves hating on Pinterest, so the other day a dear friend sent me this link from Reductress. After reading this list of Pinterest hacks that make marriage less patriarchal and more "cute", I was amazed that DIY flowers made from comic books weren't included.

After seeing this idea on Reddit many times, I feel that nothing says, "We're quirky and totally offbeat," like flowers made from comic books. What better way to stick it to the bridal industrial complex than to spend hours and hours of your free time turning your favorite comic books into into forgettable wedding accessories?

Comic Book Bouquet

Image from Mashable

I thought my comic-book-geek fiancé, Rob, might enjoy the idea of injecting a bit of nerdiness into our wedding, so I asked his opinion on comic book flowers. He surprised me by reacting in mock-horror. "Think of all the comic books they ruin," he exclaimed. I guess he won't be wearing a Batman boutonniere. Just kidding: I knew he'd never want DC comics at our wedding.

What do you think: are flowers made from comic books (or any books) a yea or a nay? And do you love DIY, or would you rather LSEDI (Let Someone Else Do It)?