Christmas Cookie Milk

What I am about to do is a jerk move. I am going to tell you about a delicious product that you very likely cannot buy right now.

This year, Stew Leonards released limited-edition Christmas Cookie Milk. If you like drinking milk and you're too lazy to make your own Christmas cookies, you will love this beverage. It's milk (obviously) infused with the delightful flavor of sugar cookies.

Stew Leonard's Christmas Cookie Milk

I love Christmas cookie milk because it tastes sweet and creamy but without the thickness of eggnog (which I also love). A big cup of cookie milk only leaves you with regret in your mind, not in your stomach. The other half and I may have finished two half-gallon bottles since last week.

Anyway, I am sharing this so that you can get to your preferred Stew Leonard's store ASAP to see if there is any Christmas Cookie Milk left. If not, I also recommend Avery's Soda in the Jingle Juice flavor.

Happy Holidays and a festive Foodie Friday to you all!