At My Bake Sale, Yeah!

I've been living in Brooklyn for a month now. So far one of the nicest things that has happened to me, and possibly the nicest thing that will ever happen while I live here, was the day that our friend, Paul, sent us a surprise cookie delivery.

That night my other half, Robert, was trying to order dinner from Postmates when his account got locked. Maybe an hour later, after we'd ordered food through another service, Rob got a text saying his Postmate was arriving. We thought maybe there had been an error, and the order and gone through. As we contemplated eating a second dinner, we learned that our Postmate was bearing an assortment of cookies from Bake Sale.

Bake Sale Cookies

Image courtesy of Brooklyn Magazine

Bake Sale is a late-night cookie delivery service operating in Brooklyn on Thursday through Sunday evenings only. Operated by Brooklyn Kolache Co, the service is available through Postmates and Grubhub.

This shamelessly-swiped photo looks similar to the assortment we received. When we opened our box, we were grateful, we were giddy—we were way too excited considering we hadn't even eaten the damn cookies yet.

Our excitement was not unfounded. The cookies, delivered warm, were different from any others we'd purchased.

These cookies are moist and cake-y on the inside while still being crispy at the edges. They are amazing while warm, but still very tasty eaten the next day for breakfast. I mean, uh, dessert. Yeah, that's it...

Bake Sale offers a satisfying variety of cookies: everything from classic chocolate chip to Rob's favorite, the ube crinkle (pictured in the lower left—I'm told it's purple). My favorite (subject to change) is probably the confetti sugar cookie. That's the one to choose if you enjoy all things of the "birthday cake" variety.

I hope those of you in the area will enjoy Bake Sale during your illicit weekend activities or when you're just sitting on the couch figuring out what you don't want to watch on Netflix. Thank you, Paul, for introducing us to this ill-advised indulgence. I'll blame you when my wedding gown doesn't fit.