Dirty Dancing Then and Now

Five Reasons why ABC's "Dirty Dancing" Remake Sucks

Dirty Dancing Then and Now

I remember being reluctant to watch Dirty Dancing when I was a kid because the title sounded, well, gross to me. When I finally watched the movie, it became one of my favorites. Of course I had to watch ABC's remake despite seeing multiple headlines stating how awful it is. It can't be that bad, I thought.

I thought wrong.

I know a lot of people are against remakes in general. I am not one of them. I loved Disney's

- Five Reasons why ABC's "Dirty Dancing" Remake Sucks

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No Ring, No Bring.

Last week, I heard on some cheesy daytime show that Pippa Middleton (or whatever her married name is now) was enforcing a "no ring, no bring" policy for her wedding guest list: no "plus ones" for friends and loved ones unless they were married or engaged.

Pippa Middleton Gets Married

I suppose this is a good way to keep a wedding guest list under control—for Pippa. For one thing, I'm sure plenty of well-wishers were very interested in attending her wedding, and

- No Ring, No Bring.

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Meal Kit Reviews: Blue Apron

Due to popular demand (I swear—at least three people were interested), I have decided to do a series of meal kit reviews. I love meal kits because they bring convenience and variety to our dinners without wasted ingredients. It can be such a pain to scour the grocery store for a particular item only to use a tiny bit for one recipe.

Blue Apron is the meal kit I have the most experience with, and—full disclosure—I am

- Meal Kit Reviews: Blue Apron

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Wedding Favors for under a Dollar

Most people don't know how to plan a wedding. Either they've never been married before, were last wed back when big, poofy sleeves were cool, or they just can't sort through the slew of choices a modern wedding presents. In comes Pinterest.

I have a love-hate relationship with Pinterest. So far, it has helped me organize the wedding goodies I like and find new ones I may want to use. However, I get frustrated with the lousy ideas I see

- Wedding Favors for under a Dollar

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National Chocolate Chip Cookie Day '17

Every day is a "holiday" when you have access to social media. Who can complain about celebrating chocolate chip cookies, though?

If you've been reading my blog, then you already have some cookie recommendations (although you can't celebrate with Bake Sale until Thursday). However, I will give you one more on this auspicious occasion.

Unless you've been living under a cookie-less rock, you've probably heard of Cookie D? NYC, a purveyor of cookie dough confections. The other half and I

- National Chocolate Chip Cookie Day '17

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